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Removal Services Southgate

Flexible working time, low rates, professional attitude, highly-trained mobile teams – these are just a couple of words that describe our agency. If you are in need of removal service you know that you need to get in touch with us. Being in the business for a long time showed us that we have to be really good in order to beat the competition and since we want to keep up with the good and positive feedback we are ready to do anything.

Other areas in London that we also service

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Starting with the flexible time you can be sure that even if you call us late at night somebody will answer you and will explain you everything you need. Receiving the needed help is part of the work of our office workers who have been specially trained. The low rates are probably the first thing that will attract your attention. This is not a lie – we charge this low for sure and once you reach us and start cooperating with us you will see that we are definitely the best in the removal services. The training we are giving to our members is really professional and if they pass it that means they are really good at what they are doing. This is just a brief explanation of the services we offer and the quality we are providing. So if you want to have all those services delivered at your home then just call us – we will help you and we will be finished in less than a day.

Below you can find the prices of our removals services:

  • £40 for one man per hour
  • £50 for two men per hour
  • £65 for three men per hour

For relocation services outside London please contact our customer support.