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Removal Services Palmers Green

Improving our services and skills is the most important thing and we are always striving to do better. We guess you have heard of us – we are considered to be the best agency when it comes to removal services and there are numerous reasons for this statement. At the beginning people didn’t pay attention to our removal services but as the time passes they started to realize that it would be great if they could just change their address and hire people who will do all the hard work including the whole transportation of things from one place to another. Well, we are that guys.

Other areas in London that we also service

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Just by making one simple phone call you will have the chance to hire us and make your address changing a lot easier. Since the competition in this area is really great we would like to tell you what makes us different than other agencies. First of all none of them are working 24/7 – we can be reached any time which is really a great advantage! We are always open for business and we do all this because of our clients who we put before profits and because of this reason you can see that our prices are definitely one of the lowest on the market. We are telling you, you will not be able to find as good and qualitative services as ours on such low rates so you’d better pick up the phone and call us right away – just take the right decision.

Below you can find the prices of our removals services:

  • £40 for one man per hour
  • £50 for two men per hour
  • £65 for three men per hour

For relocation services outside London please contact our customer support.